Do you enjoy strong translation and language skills? Are you a sworn translator? Or, do you run a translation company? 
Put these qualifcations, skills and services to work with THE ONLINE PUBLISHERS "TOP" by creating your own profile as a translator or translation company. TOP connects you to clients worldwide, and enables freelance translators to earn money from the comfort of their home.
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Upon registering as a freelance translator to the THE ONLINE PUBLISHERS “TOP” platform, you will provide a brief description about yourself and your profile as a translator, including your education, qualifications and experience. Uploading a photo of yourself boosts the strength of your profile and encourages clients to place orders with you.    


You will be assigned a 1-star rating unless you opt to go through an evaluation process for the assessment of your level of expertise as a translator. To get evaluated, you will have to translate one of the articles chosen by the TOP administration from the blog section of the website. You will then be assigned a star rating based on the quality of your translation.


Once you start taking orders and completing translation assignments, you will be rewarded based on your performance as a translator as well as the level of satisfaction of your clients. For every 5 positive reviews you obtain, you get awarded 1 additional star. Every bad review you receive cancels 1 positive review.


The more stars you gain, the higher the pricing of your service gets. The key here is making clients happy by delivering quality translation in a timely manner. The deadline for completing an assignment is agreed upon with your client.


If you are a sworn translator, you get to join the platform with a 4-star rating.


Translation companies and agencies are welcome to subscribe to TOP and benefit from the platform's global client base.





Translation pricing per word is as follows:


1 star: US$ 0.06

2 stars: US$ 0.08

3 stars: US$ 0.10

4 stars: US$ 0.12



Translator Categories 

  • Expert Translator
  • Sworn Translator
  • Translation Companies

The platform handles courier services for official and original documents that require certification by sworn translators.


Translation Services


The translation services offered via the TOP platform include but are not limited to:


  • Website Translation
  • Article and Blog Translation
  • Literary Translation
  • Legal Translation
  • Technical Translation
  • Official Documents Translation
  • Video Scripts and Subtitles
  • Commercial Translation
  • Financial Document Translation
  • Judicial Translation
  • Administrative Translation
  • Medical Translation






TOP Tips to Make Your Clients Happy


1.       Deliver high quality translation.


2.       Make sure to convey the exact tone and feel of the original text.


3.       Do not accept orders which you are not competent to complete properly.


4.       Maintain confidentiality when requested by the client.


5.       Respond promptly to your clients’ messages.


6.       Make sure you have the time to complete an assignment within the required deadline.

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Influencers, Reviewers & Trenders



TOP needs translators and this gives any translator out there a chance to make money online and work directly from home. If you have wanted to make money on the side and start doing some content creation in the area of translation services then TOP is for you. This is a platform providing services in many different languages, more than 60, and it is ready to welcome any translators that want to register to start to provide this quality service to other clients out there who are in need of it. Get paid to work online from home, earn money through TOP for translating for others.