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Upon registering as a writer to the THE ONLINE PUBLISHERS “TOP” platform, you will provide a brief description about yourself and your profile as a writer, including your education, qualifications and experience. Uploading a photo of yourself boosts the strength of your profile and encourages clients to place orders with you.  


You will be assigned a 1-star rating unless you opt to go through an evaluation process for the assessment of your level of expertise as a writer. To get evaluated as a writer, you will have to write an appealing article involving a topic related to one of TOP’s services. You will then be assigned a star rating based on the quality of your article.


Once you start taking orders and completing content creation assignments, you will be rewarded based on your performance as a writer as well as the level of satisfaction of your clients. For every 5 positive client reviews you obtain, you get awarded 1 additional star. With every negative review you receive, you lose 1 positive review.


The more stars you gain, the higher the pricing of your service gets. The key here is making clients happy by delivering quality content in a timely manner while making sure you follow your client’s instructions carefully and meticulously. The deadline for completing an assignment is agreed upon with your client.





Content creation pricing per word is as follows:


1 star: US$ 0.03

2 stars: US$ 0.06

3 stars: US$ 0.09

4 stars: US$ 0.12


TOP Tips to Make Your Clients Happy



1-      Create quality content.


2-      Create engaging content for social media assignments to make sure your clients come back for more.


3-      Be diligent when it comes to your clients’ specific requirements.


4-      Do not accept orders which you are not qualified to complete properly.


5-      Respond promptly to your clients’ messages.


6-      Make sure you have the time to complete an assignment within the required deadline. 




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Writers, Journalists & Bloggers


Writers, Journalists & Bloggers
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Years Of Experience
Influencers, Reviewers & Trenders


Influencers, Reviewers & Trenders



There are a number of freelance jobs always being posted to TOP for freelance writers to find. By exploring these freelance jobs it gives content writers the chance to make money online easily from home. For any writers right now that are interested in trying to make money online and do not know where to start, TOP can help. This space offers an ongoing opportunity to find freelance jobs in the writing space and makes it easier than ever for freelance writers anywhere in the world to start taking part in this service and finding a way to make money online.