TOP Platform – Building and Managing Stellar Online Reputations

There is a whole new world online, and it is very much a part of our everyday lives. You leave a digital footprint every time you use the internet. Anyone with basic IT skills can uncover your whole online history and make any case against you based on the content therein.

Whatever you do online impacts and shapes your reputation. Many politicians, celebrities, and ordinary people have had their lives ruined by seemingly silly mistakes they made online. This is why your online reputation should be stellar. It is also the reason you may need the services of a competent online reputation building company.


The Online Publishers "TOP" Platform – The Leading Online Reputation Building Company

TOP Platform offers the best online reputation building and repair services. If you are new to the digital world, we will help you start off on a clean slate so that your online reputation will be spotless going forward. We also offer online reputation repair services for people who make the unfortunate mistake of letting their guard down.

TOP Platform covers all facets of online reputation building and management. Our services include:


Social Media Management

Social media is where everything goes down nowadays. The average person spends over two hours on social media every day. Many people post everything about their lives on their social media pages. It has become such a common practice that employers are scrutinizing job applicants’ social media pages as a part of the vetting process.

It is important to have a social media ID and presence. However, you should be careful about how you present yourself on these platforms. TOP Management has a team of social media pros who can manage all your platforms. We will create new content based on your preferences. We also review your past posts and remove any negative content in case anyone goes snooping around in the future.


Web User Engagement

It often gets difficult to juggle and balance the virtual and physical worlds. For us, however, engaging with the virtual world is a full-time job. Our tech guys will assume your identity and represent you on any online platform whenever you are indisposed. We work closely with our clients to relay their exact thoughts and feelings online. There is always someone on your end of the screen ready to take on the vast multitudes seeking to interact with you online.


Online PR

The virtual world is bigger and more complex than the physical one. Networking with the right people often comes with many benefits. Fortunately for you, we know all the right people and will pair you with excellent leads based on your needs and preferences. All our clients enjoy a stellar online public relations profile.


Only the Best

TOP Platform works with only the best talent. Our team comprises IT pros that are passionate about the online world. We are always ahead of the competition, and all developments reach us first. We also utilize the best IT resources. Our firm has a vast network of digital channels and international news media contacts. There is no reputation so bad that we cannot repair online.

 We provide our clients with periodic reports on their online reputation management portfolios. We prioritize working closely with our clients to articulate their thoughts and feelings.