Identifying Clients' Needs for Digital Marketing

Identifying your client base plays a major role in successful digital and content marketing. Knowing your clients helps direct the development of your brand, services or product effectively to meet their needs and to tackle their concerns constructively. This should result in improving sales and attracting new clients.


Demographics reveal who your clients are in terms of gender, location, occupation, language, age and personal status (whether single or married). Demographic information can be obtained via your database of existing clients, web analytics and your experience when dealing with potential and existing clients.


Psychographics reveal trends in clients' behavior in terms of psychological factors related to their interest in or purchase of your brand or product. Psychographic information may include lifestyle, hobbies, concerns and values. These can be obtained by carrying out discussions and brainstorming sessions with your sales team, as well as customer interviews and web analytics. Your sales team is a key source to identifying psychographic information, as they deal with clients on a regular basis and are aware of their interests and any issues related to your brand or product. Information through interviews with existing clients should also be easy to obtain, as they are directly involved in using your brand and product and would be willing to talk to you. You can also try to reach out to persons subscribed to your email or newsletter list.