Creating Content that Boosts Digital Marketing

When creating content to post on social media, you ought to be asking yourself: How to make sure the content would contribute successfully to the digital marketing of your brand? To help answer your question, it is important to raise two main points: First of all, you need to identify what makes your brand unique, and what it is that only your brand can offer. A second important  rule of thumb when it comes to digital marketing is knowing who your target audience is. Who are you actually targeting? The more specific you can be in identifying your target audience, the more effective would your digital marketing be, though it would require more work.

Once the above points are made clear, they can help direct your content creation topics. It is important to ensure your content is inspiring, engaging and practical. It would be interesting for your content to include stories, testimonials, announcements and data, as well as practical “how-to” guides.

The use of live videos, illustrations, graphics and info-graphics, can help make your content eye-catchy.

One thing to keep in mind is the fact that most readers won’t make it to the end of your content, so make sure to front load the peak of your content – ie: give your readers a feel of what the “bottom line” is from the beginning, as opposed to the traditional “introduction – body – conclusion” concept, which we were taught back in the old days.

Another major component is the headline. Use attractive and intriguing headlines! Your headlines need to trigger the reader’s curiosity. These may include active verbs or power verbs or statistics and factual data.

Finally, you must ensure your content, images and graphics cater for mobile devices.