If you are just getting started in blogging and you’re wondering how you would make the most out of it, the first thing to cross your mind would be how to make money out of it. As a beginner, it's hard to figure out how even if you know bloggers do make money from their blogs.

In this guide for beginners on how to realize the full financial potential of your blog, we are going to reveal to you how easily make your first US$100 purely out of your passion. Obviously, US$100 isn’t a lot of money but it could just be the beginning.

The Online Publishers "TOP" is a platform for bloggers that seeks to work together with bloggers from different niches. It is one of the top websites for bloggers of 2019. Freelance bloggers, more so digital marketing bloggers, can get plenty of useful resources on the site. Here is how bloggers make money online:

1.    eBooks

eBooks publishing can be a lucrative source of income if you are running a successful blog. The best thing about eBooks is that they don’t consume a lot of your time and resources as a novel would. Your eBooks should be brief yet rich in precise information. Think of it as a long and detailed blog post, except that you’re selling the “post” this time. When preparing an eBook, ensure that it covers a topic you have deep knowledge about. Of course, the topic should be interesting and relevant to your niche. Your first eBook should be priced reasonably, between US$7 and US$40.


2.    Freelance writing

Unless you enjoy writing and can produce relevant and interesting content, blogging could prove hard for you. If you can write great content then you could make a lot of money from your blog by selling a range of freelance writing services – copyrighting, proofreading, etc. Use your blog to prove to your prospective clients that you can write fabulous content. Freelance is especially recommended when the blog is experiencing low traffic; quality and relevant content written and promoted by you could bring hordes of visitors on your blog if you strategize well. You can as well look for work in forums and Facebook groups and writing platforms such as Upwork and ask them to have a glance at the content in your blog.

One of the best bloggers site is Upwork. The site offers plenty of freelance writing jobs for bloggers and other online jobs for bloggers.

3.    Coaching and consulting

Running a successful blog in a particular niche means you are an expert in that field. You are already writing eBooks, remember! So why should you not consider branching this expertise further to become a consultant or coach? For instance, if your blog posts are all about home improvement and roofing, you could offer interior design consulting services. Having a Pinterest account and linked to your blog would be a good start – you could provide Pinterest consulting and coaching services.

4.    Adsense

Making money from adverts should be the first thing on your list if you are thinking of monetizing your blog. Adsense was created by Google as an advertising platform that would connect advertisers and blog owners. Basically, you join Adsense by signing up and placing banners on your blog. Adsense will display appropriate adverts on your blog based on the content you’re posting there. You can earn money if visitors click on the adverts.

Bottom line

Starting a blog is as easy as ABC; the only uphill task is to drive traffic on your blog and make it a figure of authority in the niche. Once the traffic becomes good, making money becomes easy; you can try in an array of money-making techniques and see which one works for you.