How to Design an Online Banner for Advertising
Online banner advertisement has become very popular in the recent past. It brings in the clicks leading to a drastic increase in sales. Banners come in all sizes and shapes, and they have different impacts on a business. To bring in the clicks, it’s essential to know what to look at when designing your online banner. Below are some guidelines to put in play when creating your online banner.
Use the most standard and sufficient banner size.
Make sure you select a banner size that is generally accepted by Google AdSense. The recommended sizes are 728 by 90px, 300 by 600px, 336 by 280px or 300 by 250px.
Keep your banner simple.
Most viewers glance at a banner for a second or two. Make sure that your banner is simple and place the most essential information and features strategically.
Place your banner advertisements correctly.
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As you purchase space for your banner advertisement, purchase one where your content will be very close to the main content and one in which your content will be displayed above the fold.
Design a well-defined frame.
Your potential customers’ eyes are most likely to be drawn to the theme inside the frame. An excellent banner add should contain a well-defined structure with its graphics drawn-out at the edges of the box. If the background of your banner add is white, it is advisable to incorporate 1-pixel colored border around the banner advertisement.
Make your advertisement instantly readable.
Make sure that your headline and your advertisement body are different in size. You should also make sure that your body fits into four lines or less.
It takes a lot for you to create a high performing and a genuinely remarkable banner. If you are too busy or you are not an expert in designing banners, it’s essential that you hire a professional to create a perfect, clickable advertisement just for you.