Online Job Opportunity for bloggers

Blogging is one of the simplest and most lucrative jobs. Many bloggers make a tremendous amount of income with a correctly set up blog targeting the right audience in an ideal niche. Besides, the current internet-driven world has various websites for bloggers where you can create valuable, entertaining, and traffic-driving content that could be monetized easily.

Here are the different ways that bloggers make money online:


Using adverts

Adverts are one of the most common ways of making money from blogs particularly if you have more viewers and a heavy traffic. Advertisers with products allied to your content are willing to pay you to feature their products or services. Another way of advertising includes PPC (pay per click) where you embed the advert as a banner or sidebar on your blog. You will be paid every time a user clicks on these ads.


Affiliate income

This strategy works by linking a company’s product or service from your blog. That means visitors will be led to the company’s website every time they click the links on your blog. Payments depend on the visitor’s actions- some clients will pay per click while others per sale or lead. Some of the well-known affiliate programs include Amazon, ClickBank, and LinkShare among others.


Get sponsorship or run events

Blog sponsorship has grown vastly as more firms realize bloggers’ popularity and their marketing capabilities. These sponsorships can include blogs that emphasize on the products where you add the name, brand, and logo of the company. It can also entail running an event where you earn money by charging entrance or acquiring sponsors for the event.


Sell Memberships

Bloggers usually offer their visitors premium content in the form of memberships. That can include monthly Q&A sessions, checklists, business ideas, and niche reports. For a small subscription fee, you will be offering them excellent content that isn’t readily available on the internet. Moreover, you can use a platform for bloggers, including MemberMouse and Memberium, to enjoy the benefits of paid premium content.


Get hired by a company

Blogs create awareness and offer users with updates, tutorials, and enlightening articles about the business. Nonetheless, many firms don’t have anyone with the time and talent required to set up a blog and keep it thriving. Bloggers could be the answer to such situations. The trick to getting the gig is to find premises that need these services and convince them that you are the answer they seek.


Offer services

A blog that has gained popularity in its niche can offer effectual services to its targeted audience. As a blogger, you can provide top-notch services in areas that you have an influential opinion or first-hand experience. For instance, if you are a web designer or graphic designer, you can offer design services or SEO and outreach services if your blog is associated to digital marketing.


Sell intellectual or virtual products

Selling products have been an excellent way for bloggers to earn money. You can sell small scale merchandise such as T-shirts or create an online store that relates to your blog. Alternatively, you can trade virtual products, including software or e-books. For instance, you could have a blog about beekeeping and still earn money by selling an e-book on “the top ways to build a mason bee house”.


Make money as a freelancer

Freelancing allows you to write on different topics or specialize in one subject that interests you. Today, blog networks are springing across the web, and most of them will typically pay freelance bloggers for good quality content. Payment models vary from pay on delivery to fixed monthly rates.


The takeaway

Even if you are just starting out or have a full-time job that deters you from spending more hours on your blog, you can monetize your traffic and make money blogging. The Online Publishers is a blogger platform that can help you achieve those high engagement rates. This international marketplace will bring you close to the clients and enable you to market your services.

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