Online Solutions for Journalists

Journalists have different career paths. It is popular career path and so you should know where to find a paying job after graduating. Every year hundreds of people graduate to work in the journalism industry. It is the best career if you are interested in digital and writing media. You not only have to write news, but also other interesting areas such as travel, lifestyle, and any other niche that you may choose.

Freelance journalists have great opportunities as long as they get into the right platform to work as freelancers. However, before you decide this is the way to go, here are a few things you should know before you decide to follow this line career.


Who is a Journalist?

Typically, a journalist works for a news outlet, magazine or newspaper. The main work of journalists is to report on various current events and present them to the public in details. There are different specialties and a journalist works depending on what they studied on at school. You can be a video or photojournalist, TV reporter or writer. In short, you use a specific medium to craft an engaging story to deliver essential information to the public. But it has to be something that resonates with the targeted audience.


Duties of a Journalist

A journalist covers almost everything, but he or she has the responsibility to identify the critical topics that will attract the attention of the public. It can be presidential elections, fashion week in New York, or the Oscar awards. However, a journalist is not limited to these topics only. If you want to make money online, you can choose a niche to write about or even create video and image content based on interesting information and accurate facts.

Some of the topics to cover online include politics, technology, lifestyle, entertainment, and breaking news. You can do this as a writer via a blog or platforms such as TOP that offers journalist a lot of exposure and can quickly get hired for publications, magazines, and newspapers.


Challenges of Working as a Journalist

Being a journalist has challenges because this is a fast-paced career. It includes working for long hours and high competition that makes journalist shift from company to another. What’s more, it is not one of the highest-paid jobs. This is why you need to get online solutions for journalists. It helps you earn from the comfort of your home, and you can work for as many hours as you want or take a break anytime you want.


How Much Does A Typical Journalist Earn?

When a media companies hire freelance journalist, the average salary a journalist should expect is about $36,000, but as they gain experience, it can rise to $70,000, and those in managing position including executive editors goes up to $90,000.

This salary if the few lucky ones who manage to land on a job, if you are not among them online solutions for journalist should be your option. The Online Publishers "TOP" gives you a platform where you can write news articles and contribute to international campaigns that shed light on various topics that may be interesting to the public while making a good income from the comfort of your home.