Press Releases Distribution

Press release distribution services deliver your press releases to a host of journalists in targeted media outlets who may be interested in the article you are trying to share. This can be online or through contacting the relevant media outlets. In the digital world we are living in, doing press releases online, can turn out to be the most effective way of giving your piece of article the attention it deserves.

You can do press releases yourself or you can source the help of The Online Publishers’ online press distribution service. If you are planning on doing the distribution on your own, then the following steps can be of immense help;


1.    Building a media contact list

The media list will consist of a “contact persons” in media houses who can give your news article the coverage you require. Researching on the right type of person will sure help because it will be easy to convince the person on the importance of giving your article coverage. For example, if your piece is about business, getting a business journalist will be significant.


2.    Creating a brilliant pitch

Sending your press release quickly to journalist online is best done through email. Email is the preferred mode of receiving releases by journalists. Since journalists receive many pitches a day, you need to be very crafty, and creative on how you structure your pitch.

Make your subject line hard to ignore as this will capture the attention of the publisher immediately.


3.    Deliver the press release pitch at the right time

Whether your press release to journalists is covered also depends on the time the publisher receives it. Mid- mornings are probably the best time to send since this is the period they may not have loads of emails to read.


4.    Follow up on your release

Following up on your release can be fruitful. You follow up through email or through phone. In this way, you are sure to know if you were successful or not, instead of ignoring, and finding out that you were not successful anyways.

If you want to avoid the above strenuous procedure, you can source the services of a trusted press releases service provider to do this for you at a reasonable fee. The Online Publishers “TOP” has an endless list of contacts of all major publishers, websites and news agencies worldwide. We distribute your story in 65 different languages around the world.

What’s more, we have contacts of almost all top journalists who have a wide audience to get your story the best coverage as possible. The Online Publishers “TOP” has contacts with top international newspapers, and news agencies if you want your story to reach a global audience. Plus we have experience in distributing press releases, and are trusted by many publishers. We have our own journalists who will prepare the press release for you.

If you want your story to get as much attention and coverage that you so crave, then The Online Publishers “TOP” is the best bet to getting you exactly that.