The Importance of Backlinks and Anchor Texts

Backlinks are simply links, scattered on the internet, that direct the viewer to a specific webpage and website once clicked upon. Having many backlinks placed on pages across the web is a good marketing strategy for a website. Once a website is created, backlinks help bring about traffic to that website via readers on other webpages on the net, by directing them to that website. 


Backlinks help in boosting SEO because search engines give higher priority to websites that have numerous backlinks with good quality. So what determines the quality of a backlink? It is actually the relevancy of the topics of each of the target webpage and the page that the backlink is placed on. The more relevant the subjects of both pages are to each other, the higher is the ranking of both pages in search engines. 


Now, how to present a backlink on a webpage? A practical way is using an anchor text. An anchor text is a phrase or statement which the backlink is embodied in. Once the viewer reads the anchor text, it is supposed to entice him to click on its backlink to get directed to the destination website. 


It is important to ensure that the description in the anchor text is as relevant as possible to the page it is placed on. It is good to keep the anchor text simple and concise and not complicate it with too many keywords.