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What are foreign direct investments?

 FDI (Foreign Direct Investments) is an investment made by an individual or firm in a foreign company.


How to attract Foreign Direct Investments in a country

 1. Lowering the wages

 Multinationals like to outsource labor to countries where wages are. But why would a company, say Apple, outsource labor to China but not to Sub-Saharan Africa? It now boils down to the availability of infrastructure.


2. Labour Skills

Industries that require high skill labor such as electronics and pharmaceuticals prefer to invest in countries with skilled population and low wages.


3. Lowering tax rates

Large multinationals have always sought to invest in territories with low corporate tax rates actively. One such example is Google's investment in Ireland, which reached a point of the company wanting to funnel all its profits via Ireland despite having a presence in several other European Countries.


4. Develop modern transport and infrastructure

The development of an extensive network of transport infrastructure lowers the cost of moving goods from one to another. Good infrastructure and access to the sea makes it even better.


5. Potential for growth/size of the economy

Companies may consider expanding their presence in another country by investing and targeting to sell their goods in the host country. I such a case, two factors will be considered: the population in the host country and the economic growth. Small countries with small populations and stagnant growth can be disadvantaged because FDI would not be worthy.


6. Political stability and property rights

Countries with certain political futures are more attractive to foreign investors compared to those with uncertainties. There needs to be economic stability as well – foreign investors don't want to invest in an erratic economy. The government should also have laws in place to protect property, especially foreign assets and intellectual property.


Reasons for Foreign Direct Investments

FDI is necessary for spurring economic growth and improving standards of living. If the host nation did not offer tax incentives in the first place, FDI companies could pay huge taxes that are highly beneficial to the economy.

Another reason for encouraging FDI is that it helps in offsetting the volatility created an asset bubble in the local economy, especially when currency traders and short-term lenders are investing a lot of money in busts and selling the investments quickly.


FDI attraction and Social Media

Social networking is inherently social. Hosting conferences to create social media awareness offers an opportunity to form an online community that speaks the purpose. If you are looking forward to attracting foreign investors, find the tools that can guarantee engagement and conversion on the content you share on social media.

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