The Role of Digital Marketing in Online Lobbying

Social media, web publications and digital marketing in general, play a major role in online lobbying, and can bring about a major impact on international relations. The various forms of digital marketing and online tools and channels used nowadays, are capable of reaching mass target audience directly and rapidly, resulting in strong political and diplomatic influence.


Politicians can tackle important national and international matters and engage with their followers and voters easily via the numerous social media platforms that are available all over the web. The platforms have become a primary interface for politicians in carrying out their political campaigns. Public opinion is now highly dependent on politicians' posts, videos and live online discussions. Reputation building and management services have become vital for the success of political figures and governments.


The traditional understanding of the term 'lobbying' refers to influence or pressure exerted by members of a community, organization or a political party on their decision maker. On the other hand, 'online lobbying’ which is carried out via social media and digital marketing, gives more power to the people than anyone else. It entails a democratic approach which is adopted by most countries in the western world, through which voters and the public are given priority in the decision making process.


Reporters and journalists develop a lot of their stories based on what is available online in terms of content, blogs and the information, events and resources that are easily accessible in social media profiles and pages. This demonstrates the fact that social platforms and digital marketing endeavors produce ripple effects on the web and in international news media, easily reaching each and every person all over the globe.


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