Trending social media posts

A lot of stuff is posted on social media sites all day long. With the kind of posts on social media platforms, we have gained best practices, and other interesting cultural trends have helped people to learn or gain more understanding of how and how to share different ideas and opinions on social media. In this article you will know some popular trending posts on social media;


The paper magazine of Nicki Minaj

You don’t have to describe why Nicki Minaj’s paper magazine made to the list of trending social media posts. There are several recreations and people reactions that this paper magazine cover should be an inspiration to many. The magazine cover for real outdid the popular one that had before been done by the celeb Kim. Kim’s paper magazine significantly featured the star’s famous derriere reality in all glories.


Shortened URLs

It is a common issue for many people out there at large. People seem to lack interest in looking at links online created by many characters accompanied by other strange symbols with it. This is because they seem to take way up too much room. There is a general trend that will lead people to get interested to look at the link you post online. To post an outside link outside, you need to employ link shorteners like for instance Bitly to make it as short as possible. Out there, many people have gotten an idea about this, and they have started branding their shortened URLs.


Parody accounts and Web humor

For those who need to gain social media followers fast than usual, you need to think quickly on the modernly used strategy. You can pretend to be a particular famous person and try poking fun on social media to people. For such trends, Twitter has turned out as a popular medium to do. You need to keep checking on the available parody accounts for this. You can likewise join Weird Twitter for in case you find yourself in such kind of humor.


Fandom indulgement

The biggest communities in the world are formed on the internet. The internet has made it possible to come up with modern and new opportunities for the more passionate fans to share some ideas and opinions for what they seem to love most. This is where those obsessed with some particular TV shows, bands, webcomic movies, and books meet to share interesting facts on what they have read or seen.


Bite-sized videos

It is a fact that you will rarely find a person with adequate attention span or time to get through watching lengthy movies, to the end. With the internet, different inventions and innovations have taken all over the world at large. The whole globe has turned mobile; you can now see how videos are getting even short and short all day long. The hot right things at the moment are the short videos that are made by different apps like, for instance, Instagram. These are some of the trending social media topics online you need to know.

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