Why Choose TOP Platform?

Here at The Online Publishers "TOP", we dedicate ourselves to helping our clients place backlinks on authority sites with heavy traffic. Our experts are highly experienced in handling tasks that entail creating unique content and ensuring relevancy for every group of backlinks created.

Reasons why you should buy our backlink generating services?


1. White label

Good news is, we deliver services that can be easily resold either through your agency's marketing campaign or individually. TOP created your content or built your links, and you will get all the credit for it.


2. No contracts

It is our duty, and privilege, to ensure that all services you outsource to us remain flexible and easily accessible. That is why we let you have total control of over everything you order from us, in whatever volumes you request, and whenever you need it, all contract-free!


3. Built upon relationship

All the links of the highest quality are built on real relationships, something we have invested in heavily from the start. Over the years, we have accumulated a wealth of deep friendships and contacts in the SEO industry, from webmaster to freelance bloggers, who we count on to bring you industry-relevant backlinks that would get you anywhere you want.


4. Custom campaign strategies

Your line of business is unique. For this reason, we begin by understanding your goals and the whole structure of your business. From there, we proceed to create a custom link generating strategy that flawlessly aligns with the pages and keywords of your choice. Better yet, we conduct competitor analysis to unearth new techniques of link building to grow the authority of your domain.


5. Links you can't easily get anywhere else

The Online Publishers "TOP" Platform is NOT a link database. Our customized outreach geared at boosting your campaign helps us to strive to earn coveted backlinks that you won't find anywhere else.


6. 100% confidentiality

The terms of our engagement as well as any information about your agency will remain 100% confidential and totally safe with us.


7. Fast turnarounds

Our working process is refined and slick. This way, we are able to complete tasks quickly without compromising on effectiveness and quality. Your links will be ready and functional in a matter of days.


8. We are designed for agencies

Our methodology is designed for agencies that would like to generate backlinks that really drive traffic to their sites and assist in other SEO functions such as to boost rankings. Every service we offer can be resold, scalable, and hassle-free – a lot of agencies would grab this with both hands.

Our methodology

1. Prospecting

We begin everything by prospecting for target websites to earn your backlinks from. Also, we use both search engine operators and competitor analysis to find the appropriate target sites.

2. Vetting

We follow a strict vetting criterion to ensure that the site's quality and metrics meet the standards. For this reason, we put more emphasis on the websites domain authority, relevance, and organic traffic.

3. Outreach

TOP Platform will revisit the list of the vetted websites to identify opportunities to earn backlinks. Our approach is then tailored to meet our client's goals and needs.