Online Reputation Repair

Online Reputation Repair

Do you need a company that can help you with your online reputation? Look no further than The Online Publishers (TOP) platform. With access to professionals and publications all over the world and in over 65 languages, TOP can help you improve and repair your online reputation, drawing more clients to you. The most important aspect of TOP’s online reputation repair is taking the negative search results of your company and placing them in a lower priority list in Google so that they don’t appear for the first three pages. This highlights the positive aspects of your company so that clients decide to go with you over another company. With Google accounting for 92% of all search engine traffic, moving your negative search results can change your company’s image very quickly!

An online reputation is the most important aspect of a business. Without an excellent reputation, a business cannot generate quality customers and cannot stay in business. If you want longevity in your business and to attract loyal customers, you must have a good reputation. Many facts surround a great online reputation. Here are some of them:

93% of people say that an online reputation impacts their buying decisions

90% of people read online reviews before deciding on a purchase

91% of people said that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

Companies risk losing 22% of business when people find one negative article about them on the first page of their search results

Positive reviews make 73% of people trust a business more

68% of people say that they are willing to pay 15% more for a product or service if they can be assured that they will have a positive experience

Nearly 3 out of 4 people trust a company more if the reviews are positive

49% of people need a four-star rating from a company before they do business with them

Every one-star rating in Yelp means a 5 to 9% increase in revenue

82% of people seek out negative reviews before they choose a business

Those are only a few of the facts surrounding reviews and online reputations. With so much importance on positive reviews, it makes sense to hire a company that is experienced with building excellent online reputations for businesses and has a network of professionals and experts who can make it possible! 

Online Reputation Repair

When you get started with TOP, they will assess your online reputation, and based on what they find, design a plan to improve your reputation. The plan is extensive and includes everything from google analysis of your search results to article writing, blog writing, and social media setup. However, they won’t stop there! They will also set up a brand awareness campaign, hub pages, videos, and profiles on Yahoo Answers and Wikipedia. This only scratches the surface of what TOP will do. When they are done setting up your campaign, you will have a reputation that will more likely attract the best people to you, generating more revenue.

You will have three different packages to choose from. The different packages are as follows:

Basic: $5k/Month

Professional: $10k/Month

Enterprise: $15k/Month

All Packages include the following services:

·         Monthly Assessment of your current online reputation

·         Google Analysis Report

·         Social Media Setup and Promotion

·         Brand Awareness Setup and Promotion

·         Development of Micro Sites

·         Social Media Bookmarking

·         Setup, Linking, and Promotion of Business Profiles

·         Article Writing

·         Article Submissions

·         Article Marketing

·         Press Release Writing

·         Press Release Submissions

·         Blog Setup and Social Commentary

·         Blog Writing

·         Blog Posting

·         Blog Promotion

·         Forum Profile Setup and Social Commentary Campaign

·         Forum Site Review with Aged Accounts

·         Squidoo Lens Setup

·         Hub Pages Creation

·         Yahoo Answers Profile, Setup, and Linking

·         Wikipedia Profile Setup and Linking

·         Photo Sharing

·         Customer Review Campaigns

·         PPT Creation

·         Slideshare Submission

·         Video Creation

·         Video Submission

·         Video Promotion

·         Guest Blog Posts

The reputation building packages vary based on the volume and exposure of the services offered. Each package has a different number of reviews, press releases, SEO distribution, blogs, articles, and social 

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Writers, Journalists & Bloggers
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Years Of Experience
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Influencers, Reviewers & Trenders