If I don't like the work done by a writer or a translator, do I have to pay for it?

You can request upto 2 revisions of the work done by a writer or translator, after which you have to pay for the assignment. In case the work performed has very poor quality and is not within acceptable standards, you may start a dispute, which will be handled by THE ONLINE PUBLISHERS administration.



Can I contact the service provider directly to explain and elaborate on the required work?

Ofcourse, you can use the platform's communication system to contact your service provider directly and discuss all details related to the requested work.



How long does it take for a writer or translator to complete an assignment? Is there a fixed deadline?

This varies based on the volume of the requested assignment, and is agreed between you and your service provider. You are both supposed to agree on a deadline when discussing an order.

Do I receive payment directly after completing an order?

Once the client accepts the completed order, the agreed price will be deducted from the client's account. You will receive funds based on a minimum amount of $100. In case the agreed payment amount is less than $100, the amount will be held on stand by until you accumulate a minimum payment amount of $100, which would then be credited to your account.

In what languages are translation services offered?

Once you sign up as a client, you will be able to browse through the profiles of our translators for your required language. THE ONLINE PUBLISHERS aims to build a multilingual high quality range of translation services to cover all languages in the world.

What is the price of a professional photo?

This is set by each photographer.

What is the payment method used?

Currently, paypal is the payment method used.

If I purchase ad and backlink management services, for how long will my ads and backlinks be placed?

Ads and backlinks must be placed for a minimum period of 1 year.