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Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) refers to a private investment made by a resident of one country in an enterprise in another country. It is merely investment across borders. Foreign direct investment can be made in various sectors such as services, manufacturing, facilities and retail business, among other.
The Online Publishers "TOP" Platform
To attract quality FDI, governments have signed contracts with the TOP platform to shed light on fruitful investment opportunities in their nations. TOP has partnered with bloggers, influencers, and journalists who are specialized in investment and financing to gain the interest of foreign investors and entice them to invest in a specific country.
Strategies aimed at attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) 

1- Open markets
Developing countries should adopt open and transparent investment policies and regulations to allow the smooth flow of FDI into their economy. Restrictive policies tend to hinder the inflow of FDI to a specific country. 
2- The inflow of advanced technologies via FDI
A strategic way to attract quality FDI is by encouraging the flow of advanced technological products, services and specialized skills from multinationals to a developing country. This plays a positive role in the country's economic development, thus attracting more foreign investment.

3- Diaspora investment inflow 
People residing and working outside their homeland can help attract quality FDI from their host countries to their home countries, as they tend to have good public relations as well as business relations in both countries.

 4- Investment Promotion Agency (IPA)
Establishing a national Investment Promotion Agency (IPA) facilitates the process of driving foreign investment into an economy.  The IPA acts as a bridge that links the domestic economy to foreign investors. The IPA also engages in after-investment care and acts as a catalyst which stimulates the growth of a domestic economy, the provision of services and the development of a country’s infrastructure.