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With the ability to reach over ten million people in a span of a week or less, social media has won the crown of publicity for businesses and investors. A part from the population factor, social media has become a go-to platform for the government and agencies due to its affordability aspect. Foreign Direct Investments deal with global markets and investors, making social media the best method to attract investors from all parts of the world, at a go.

What are foreign direct investments? This is when a business person from one country invests into a different country without moving into that country. They may, or may not be familiar with the country they want to invest in. This means that they’ll need a lot of information from FDI advertisers to learn about investment opportunities, and what better way to achieve that, than via social media?

Traditionally, one would attract FDI by use of direct mail, television ads, brochures, radio and print methods. One notable difference between the conventional and social media methods is the communication process. Conventional media presents a one way communication formula while social media offers two way communication. Take print – for example. An investor is able to read all the information from a newspaper, magazine or any printed item. However, they are not able to directly respond to the information given or the advertiser. With social media, an investor is able to responding to the advertiser in just one click.  This also makes communication quite effective.

Advertisers use social media tools to drive traffic to their website platforms. Governments and Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs) connect social media campaigns to the country’s website. These campaigns then redirect to the main websites where investors can find more information. Campaigns can be ran in form of banner posts, paid advertisements,  investment discussions in popular forums and general social media activities that attract readers interested in FDI.

Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to attract FDI. Social media influencers – who have thousands to millions of followers – are industry figures who hold a lot of authority due to their popular knowledge in a certain area of expertise. The business, finance and investment industry has its fair share of influencers who pull a large crowd on their social media platforms. The best thing about using influencers is that you’re assured that their audience is interested in entrepreneurial and investment activities.  This means that the impact they bring to FDI is highly accurate. Influencers can post ad banners advertising investment opportunities for a country on their social media pages to create some sort of awareness to their followers.

Similarly, bloggers, writers and business journalists can be given an opportunity to draft about investment opportunities. This will be more effective if the blogger has solid and dedicated traffic, both in their blog and social media pages. Business journalism is a greater tool to analyze and talk more about FDI in their country. This means an investor will get all the information they need in just one page.

Using social media tools for FDI attraction helps tap into relevant and extensive market, making the method worthwhile. When choosing an FDI agency, ensure you choose one that uses social media as one of their advertising and communication tools.


The Online Publishers makes great use of social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as social media tools such as influencers, bloggers, paid advertisements, investment pages and groups, and campaigns to attain FDI attraction.