New Order

The Online Publishers “TOP” platform is specialized in driving Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to countries around the globe. TOP’s expertise builds on years of experience in the digital marketing, SEO, content creation, translation and advertising sectors. TOP has partnered with a massive global network of writers, bloggers, social media influencers, newspapers, and other agencies, to secure the flow of FDI to a specific country, by effectively targeting demographic locations around the world.
Governments who are seeking to attract FDI to their countries can benefit from TOP’s extensive range of services and digital marketing experts who carry out extensive online campaigns that are customized to shed light on economic benefits and investment opportunities to investors worldwide.
Working hand in hand with governments, TOP develops a road map based on a country’s specific economic goals and investment regulations. The road map is established following a careful assessment of basic FDI determinants, including, but not limited to:

  • A favorable or unfavorable investment climate
  • Laws facilitating or constraining foreign ownership
  • The impact of globalization on domestic customers
  • The availability of natural resources
  • Cheap/expensive labor markets