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The Online Publishers (TOP) Digital Marketing Overall Strategy

On TOP platform we offer several different digital marketing packages.  Each package is able to be customized in order to accommodate your specific needs.  In this way we can guarantee fast and cost-effective results for you and your business. 

One important thing we do is analyze how your website performs as well as your online presence.  We do so in the context of the worldwide web in general and also with regards to social media.  What this accomplishes is to give us the tools to create the perfect digital marketing package for you.  

A critical aspect of our digital marketing campaign for each client is to have specific goals in mind.  We set a target date for each goal we wish to achieve.  We utilize certain metrics to determine if those goals have been met.  This helps us understand how effective our campaign is for your company and enables us to inform you of the results.  At TOP, we must note, we have not had any unhappy clients to date with more than 3000 serviced.


Components of Our Digital Marketing Methods

We offer the most marketing method options available of any digital marketing firm out there.  Our team includes more than 50,000 service providers including journalists, bloggers, and writers.  We have providers who speak at least one of over 60 separate languages fluently, as they hail from all over the world.  In 22 years of experience, we have a stellar reputation of pleasing our loyal clientele.  Below is a sample of the services we provide.  More are available, just ask us about them. 

·         Content creation

·         Content placement

·         Social media marketing

          Online Reviews

          Influencers Marketing

·         Search engine optimization

·         Backlink management

          Video/Vloggs Creation & advertising

·         Conversion rate optimization

·         Online reputation management

TOP Digital Marketing Campaigns

We possess the ability to integrate our digital marketing expertise so that it is the best for YOUR brand or product.  Our skilled consultants shall work with you to implement your uniquely designed digital marketing campaign.  All along the way, we will be analyzing your objectives and business models and incorporating your insights into the campaign.  TOP's faithful and satisfied bevy of 3000 clients have seen first-hand how successful our strategies are.

Along with the vast knowledge of our pool of service providers, we use the latest in digital marketing tools.  TOP has a separate team of behind-the-scenes professionals who keep current with the latest in tools, trends, and strategies in the industry.  We NEVER stop doing this.  Our goals for you include the consistently upgrading of those facets of the digital marketing landscape.  In this way, you are ALWAYS receiving the best we have to offer. 

Keep in mind that each campaign we design for you is created with the overall goal of boosting your marketing strategy.  Throughout our working relationship, we will provide you with concrete advice on how to improve things and what changes can be made.  We always keep your digital marketing strategy 100% current to gain the maximum growth your company can achieve. 


TOP Digital Marketing Packages and Prices

Following is a listing of our various packages and their respective prices.  Please keep in mind, yours can always be upgraded.  All prices are listed in United States dollars, however if you are in another country, we will accommodate your payment method.

  • Basic:            US$   4000 per month
  • Professional: US$   6000 per month
  • Enterprise:     US$ 12000 per month