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TOP Digital Marketing Strategy and Packages

We are The Online Publishers (TOP) and we have some fabulous packages for you to choose from.  When you sign up as our client, you are privy to these packages and the various digital marketing strategy services that make them up.  We are a one-stop-shop and have tens of thousands of service providers available to you who are capable of completing your projects in superior fashion.  Our established group of professionals will take you through each step of whatever project you have going and give you extraordinary results.  Their combined efforts make up our team of total digital marketing strategy categories.  The packages we offer to you are inclusive of these services. 

TOP's service providers are only part of each package we offer clients.  Another facet of the packages that is equally important is that we totally understand the concept of digital marketing strategy.  Prior to you choosing a particular package, one of our strategists will go over your choices with you.  He or she will let you know about each service category that comes with a certain package, and what you can expect of it as our client.  Together we will design one that is tailored to YOUR needs.  We understand this is NOT a one-size-fits-all concept, each client has unique needs.  These are going to be addressed and a customized service package built for you. 

Then there is the behind-the-scenes services TOP gives you with every package.  We continuously monitor the effectiveness of our campaigns for your company.  The overall performance of your website shall also be monitored, as will your presence on the Internet and social media sites.  Our digital marketing expertise is designed to keep current with the newest tools and trends.  These are always evolving and being improved upon. 

Take a look now at some of TOP's marketing categories.  Mind you, this is a mere sample.  Additional categories may be available, just ask us.  Some that we offer include articles, blogs, press releases, and other content creation tasks.  We also have experts in social media marketing, online reputation management, and video advertising.  In short, any facet of the digital marketing world you need, we can provide it to you. 

Why should you trust The Online Publishers with your important digital marketing services?  Here are some excellent reasons: 

·         Thousands of happy customers

·         22 years of experience

·         More than 50,000 service professionals

·         Over 60 different languages spoken

·         Service providers from all over the world

·         Experts in each marketing category in the industry

·         Always top-quality results in a timely fashion

The best reason of all to sign up as a TOP client is that we will boost your overall marketing strategy.  The quality of our work not only is guaranteed to impress you, but YOUR clients as well.  When you come to us with a project, odds are good it has something to do with tasks from your clients.  Our team of professionals understands that.  We do everything in our power to ensure THEY are impressed with the results.  In turn, that boosts your approval rating and prestige amongst them.  They are more likely to stay a client of yours AND recommend other companies to inquire about your services.  The bottom line is the combination of these factors will cause your company’s sales to skyrocket.  Additionally, your company will rank prominently in searches.  Everyone is happy when you are a client of The Online Publishers. 

Another thing to keep in mind is, as a client, you always have full access to our support staff.  If you need a service that is not listed on our website, if you are having trouble navigating the site, if you have any issues at all, contact us immediately.  A friendly and fully knowledgeable support staff member will assist you.  He or she does not rest until you are completely ecstatic about your services from TOP. 

So, what are those available digital marketing packages? 

  • Basic:            US$  4000  per month
  • Professional: US$  8000  per month
  • Enterprise:    US$ 16,000 per month

IMPORTANT NOTE:  although the above prices are listed in United States dollars, if you are in another country and have alternate payment methods, we can accommodate you.  Just please let us know up front.