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A business can either succeed or fail, based on its reputation. The comments that people leave online bring about a major influence on the success of your business or brand. The ease at which your customers can leave reviews and comments online, means that it is vital to monitor your online reputation and respond to both negative and positive comments.

When people search for your name or your business, the information they see in search engine results has a major impact on the way they perceive you - this is your online reputation. If consumers search for your product or service online and all the comments or reviews about it are positive, they would be encouraged to buy the product or use the service. If most of the comments are negative, consumers would search for an alternative to meet their needs. .

A damaged online reputation can have a significant impact on a business or individual, because negative reviews appear in different search engines, social media platforms, blogs, and news websites. Therefore, it is critical to develop a healthy online reputation to ensure the sustainability and growth of a business. A good online reputation is also vital for personal profiles and political entities.

Online reputation management weakens and eliminates negative online content. The process also involves creating and promoting positive content. With an effective online reputation management strategy, you will raise brand awareness and develop your target audience, thus achieving growth in your business operations and the number fo your followers. 

The main advantages of online reputation management include:

Trust – People trust a brand, a company or an individual that has good reputation.

Credibility – Positive comments, links, and high visibility on the internet encourages employees, stakeholders, customers, peers, and influencers to work with you.

Talent – Companies with a strong online reputation attract highly qualified employees.

Profit – Enterprises with positive content, reviews, and high star ratings get more business opportunities and generate high profits.


Online reputation repair requires a strategic combination of techniques based on the analysis of your brand's online status (corporate or individual), reviews and search engine results. TOP's techniques include:

  • Removing negative content from its source
  • Weakening and pushing down negative content in search engine results
  • Improving reviews
  • Adding positive reviews and content
  • Reducing complaints
  • Improving your brand's online sentiment in search engine results
  • Monitoring the comments which people post online about your brand or personal profile


TOP also has extensive expertise in corporate crisis reputation management and manages crisis situations swiftly to rebuild audience trust and consumer loyalty.

The platform covers all facets of online reputation building and management, including online PR, the creation and monitoring of social media content and the development of web user engagement. TOP enjoys a massive network of international digital channels and news media contacts, providing exposure to all target audience categories.

The platform's services also includes the provision of reputation management reports on a periodic basis to keep you up to date with the overall online stance of your enterprise. TOP's digital marketing experts use the most advanced digital technologies and methods to remain in control of the online presence of a brand or a personal profile.