E-books and Resources

E-books and Resources

THE ONLINE PUBLISHERS provides a wide range of leading e-books and online resources, written by global academic and professional authors. You will be able to find the content of substance that you are looking for, using THE ONLINE PUBLISHERS platform.

E-books offer many advantages and benefits compares to print books. E-books are portable and easy to download from your device anywhere and at any time.

Start now by subscribing to THE ONLINE PUBLISHERS in order to be able to search through the e-books and resources that are available for sale. THE ONLINE PUBLISHERS connects you to international authors, who will assist in providing for your requirements.

E-books & Their Advantages

The difference between e-books and printed books, is that e-books are created, distributed and read in digital form. E-books are quicker and easier to purchase. They become available for reading as soon as they are ordered and paid for online, from the comfort of your home, or anywhere you may be. E-books are portable and easy to download from your device at any time. E-books are usually sold for a lower price compared to printed books, which is a great advantage for readers and book lovers. The global printing industry cuts down around 120 million trees annually, emitting around 45 million tons of CO2. E-books are environment-friendly in the sense that they save trees and economize on the energy used to produce books.


Our platform provides an extensive range of resources and document templates for sale. These include, but are not limited to: business, financial, legal, technology, history, medical and scientific documents, written by academic and professional authors, in various languages.


We are selective when it comes to the quality of e-books and resources offered via our platform. We guarantee the provision of professional and substance content in the resources we provide. Our platform features a wide selection of e-books and resources in numerous languages and in various categories including academic, technical, professional and consumer e-books.

Copyright & Printing Restrictions

The e-books and resources that are offered on this platform are subject to copyright restrictions, which means that there are limitations when it comes to distributing them or making them available to other persons.

E-books and resources are also subject to printing as well as copy/paste rights. These rights vary from one author to another, and range from flexible to restricted.

E-books have different formats, so it is important for buyers to check available formats for a specific e-book before purchasing, for convenience purposes.


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"Books allow you to fully explore and immerse yourself in a deeper way than most media today"

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