Trend It

Trend It

This is an all-new and unique service offered exclusively by the THE ONLINE PUBLISHERS platform. The service allows you to have individuals who are popular on social media posting about your brand or product on their social media accounts.

With the significant growth of social media platforms and the major impact they have on people’s lives, the “Trend It” service will boost brand loyalty for your product. People tend to trust personal recommendation and word of mouth. An individual’s voice and opinion inspire trust when it comes to the credibility of a brand or product.


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Benefits of the "Trend It" Service & Social Media Marketing

With over three billion people using social media around the globe, social media marketing should be a primary pillar in every company's marketing strategy.

The following are the benefits of the 'Trend It' service on social media platforms:

- Build Brand Awareness Economically: Having widespread social media posts related to your brand stengthens your online presence and visibility to consumers. It increases your audience in an economic, efficient and quick manner. The 'Trend It' service enables web users to learn all about your products or services, and helps distinguish your brand among competitors. The service is much cheaper than conventional marketing, such as advertising.

- Increase Traffic to Your Website: Having your brand featured extensively on social media platforms will entice viewers to visit your website, thus increasing traffic.
- Boost Sales: A boost in brand awareness and traffic to your website will subsequently translate into a growth in sale and business operations.

- Generate Reviews: A rise in sales and consumer activity will lead to an increase in reviews for your brand. Positive reviews strengthen your online reputation and boost brand loyalty.

- An Authentic Form of Marketing: Customers are more interested in word of mouth and the voice of consumers when it comes to learning more about a brand and deciding whether or not to buy. The 'Trend It' service is an authentic and transparent form or marketing as it is offered by individuals around the world, who are popular on social media and have a high number of followers.


The unique 'Trend It' service is offered by individuals around the world who have at least 2000 followers in their social media accounts. Moreover, their accounts must be very active with high engagement rates to make them eligible to subscribe to THE ONLINE PUBLISHERS platform. This guarantees quick and cost-effective results.







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