THE ONLINE PUBLISHERS "TOP" platform enables you to market your services as a blogger on an international level. Make money doing what you love! 

TOP invites popular bloggers, who enjoy high engagement rates with their audience, to offer their services in all languages by subscribing to its website.

The TOP platform is a digital marketplace that brings together bloggers from all over the world and connects them to clients.

Get started now! The sooner you do, the quicker your ranking, followers and audience build up!



Upon subscribing to the TOP platform, you will provide a brief description about yourself and your profile as a blogger. You will also have to upload a true photo of yourself.  


You will be assigned a 1-star rating unless you opt to go through an evaluation process for the assessment of your level of expertise. To get evaluated, you will have to write an appealing blog involving a topic related to one of TOP’s services. You will then be assigned a star rating based on the quality of your blog.


Once you start taking orders and completing assignments, you will be rewarded based on your performance as a blogger as well as the level of satisfaction of your clients. For every 5 positive client reviews you obtain, you get awarded 1 additional star. With every negative review you receive, you lose 1 positive review.


The more stars you gain, the higher the pricing of your service gets. The key here is making clients happy by delivering interesting and engaging blogs in a timely manner while making sure you follow your client’s instructions carefully. The deadline for completing an assignment is agreed upon with your client.





Blog pricing per word is as follows:


1 star: US$ 0.03

2 stars: US$ 0.06

3 stars: US$ 0.09

4 stars: US$ 0.12





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