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Once subscribed to the TOP PLATFORM as an influencer, you can set your own pricing per post or share on social media in case you have more than 100,000 followers. When registering with TOP, you will have to specify the language(s) used in your social media accounts, as well as your nationality, in order to facilitate the process of getting connected to suitable clients.

You don't have to have a huge number of followers to be an influencer! For influencers with a number of followers that is less than 100,000, the price would be US$0.10 per post or share for every 1000 followers.

Influencers must log into their account with TOP on a regular basis to keep their profiles up-to-date in terms of their number of followers. 


The Unique "Trend It" Service 


Increase your income by offering TOP’s special and all-new “Trend It” service. The service allows you to make money by posting about brands and products on your social media accounts. With the significant growth of social media platforms and the major impact they have on people’s lives, the “Trend It” service offers you a unique work opportunity to help enhance brand awareness and consumer trust for brands and products worldwide.


To offer the “Trend It” service, you need to have:  

1- Social media accounts   

2- Followers  

3- Perseverance and dedication  



If you are lucky to have all of the above, you can start earning money by receiving orders from clients. Subscribe now! 








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