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The Online Publishers "TOP" platform has built an enormous network of journalists, bloggers, social media influencers, and content creation experts. The platform's writers work with news agencies and radio stations to effectively broadcast tourism and travel-related information and news to the public, while targeting specific audience categories when required.

TOP has high expertise in digital marketing and the tourism sector, which generates millions of dollars for countries looking to highlight their touristic attractions and attract visitors from all over the world.  The platform's services guarantee a boost in the tourism sector of a specific country or region, via extensive content creation and advertisement publishing in around 65 languages, covering over 100 countries. Social media campaigns and influencer marketing are among the digital marketing methods used for global audience reach and optimum results.

Given the platform's ability to operate and generate content in multiple languages and on various fronts, TOP works hand in hand with governments to help achieve long term goals for their countries in tourism and other sectors. The platform is also specialized in driving foreign direct investment FDI to a specific country.