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Digital Strategy

A robust digital strategy to attract tourists to a country is vital for the growth of its tourism sector. THE ONLINE PUBLISHERS digital marketing experts can help establish a strong innovative strategy via sector research and behavioral analysis of tourists using advanced analytical tools and methods, to serve as a base for a wide range of digital services, which include the following: 


1-      Content Marketing

Creative content marketing campaigns are essential in connecting with tourists and target audience in order to engage with them through a variety of online channels such as social media, online publications and tourism-related websites. Attractive content creation is coupled with interesting images, as well as promotional videos and tourist guides to captivate target audience. Our multilingual, professional translation services allow for a wide distribution of content across the web, in numerous languages, targeting various regions and countries. 


2-      Digital Advertising

We offer a wide range of digital advertising services including ad placements and social media advertising to magnify the online exposure of a country’s touristic attractions and shed light on the tourism competitive advantages of a specific country.  


3-      Backlink Management & SEO

Our SEO experts guarantee high rankings in search engine results for the touristic attractions and the different elements of a country’s tourism sector via backlink building strategies on travel related websites across the globe, as well as webpage structure optimization for a country’s tourism and travel-related websites.  


4-      Digital PR

Our digital PR services are offered by experienced influencers and bloggers who have found their niche in travelling and enjoy high engagement rates with their audience, as well as a large number of followers. Over the years, countries have been increasingly using influencer marketing to promote tourism. Influencer marketing has become very popular as people tend to trust personal recommendation and word of mouth.

Digital Marketing Packages 
Our packages vary in pricing based on digital marketing geographic distribution and exposure, as well as the volume of content created and the number of pages it is published on. The packages also differ depending on the translation work involved to cover the languages of targeted countries and regions to ensure extensive geographic reach.